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Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
Elizabeth Harvey-Lee
HENDRIK GOLTZIUS, Mulbracht 1558 – 1616 Haarlem. Henri IV, King of France. Original engraving, c1595-98. This engraving is for sale, priced £1250
JAMES McNEILL WHISTLER, Lowell, Massachusetts 1834 – 1903 London. The Unsafe Tenement. Original etching 1859. This etching is for sale, priced £750


Elizabeth Harvey-Lee

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EUGENE BLERY, Fontainebleau 1805 – 1886 Paris. Ronce et Liseron, Bramble and Bindweed. Original etching, 1859. This etching is for sale, priced £450

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GRETA DELLEANY A.R.E., London 1884 – 1968 Cheltenham. Milking Time, Amberley. Original drypoint. This drypoint is for sale, priced £200
JULIUS IBBETSON, Leeds 1759 – 1817 Masham. Etchings of Cattle. Set of six, 1816. These etchings are for sale, priced £200

ELIAB GEORGE EARTHROWL A.R.E., London 1878 – 1967. Mildenhall. Original aquatint, 1924. This aquatint is for sale, priced £150