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Changing Selections

The website includes small selections from my large stock. They will be changed on a regular basis. When a new Selection is added, the previous one will be archived but still accessible to view.

The Selections fall into six fairly consistent categories:

From a Recent Catalogue
These include prints from one of my recently published catalogues. They are unified by theme, but generally include prints from the different periods, nationalities etc that are covered as specifics by the other five categories in the Changing Selections.

Old Master Prints
European etchings, engravings and woodcuts from the late 15th to the late 18th centuries, by the great masters of printmaking and interesting minor masters.

Modern British Prints
Generally works from 1850 to the present day. American artists visiting or resident in England, or indeed on the Continent, may also be included. Because of the grey area in the cut off date between ‘old’ and ‘modern’, works from the early 19th century will be included here too on occasion, or even late 18th century British prints. Irish artists too may be represented.

Modern Continental Prints
Again, generally works post 1850, but with earlier exceptions, by artists from the countries of mainland Europe.

Prints by Women
A particular interest of mine. Prints from the 16th to the 21st centuries made by European women artists, but with the emphasis generally on works post 1850.

Prints under £250
Interesting prints of fine quality by lesser-known names. Proving that print collecting can be accessible to all budgets.

Home Page Prints
The selection of images on the Home page (typically four, sometimes six) also changes regularly and is archived as Home Page Prints.

New Selections are added regularly throughout the year. Links will be included within each Selection to access both the previously archived pages within the same category and, if from within the archives, moving forwards into the more recent Selections.


Contents :

To examine the full range of prints in the current selection, please use the Contents listing below, or employ the drop-down menu from Selections above. There are cross-links within each featured selection to assist you.

The Current Selections:

From a Recent Catalogue
Harvey-LeeEvery Picture tells a Story, Part 1
Harvey-LeeEvery Picture tells a Story, Part 2
Harvey-LeeEvery Picture tells a Story, Part 3
Harvey-LeeGraphic Alchemy
Harvey-LeeThe Romantic Eye, Part 1
Harvey-LeeThe Romantic Eye, Part 2
Harvey-LeeThe Romantic Eye, Part 3
Harvey-LeeThe Romantic Eye, Part 4
Old Master Prints
Modern British Prints
Modern Continental Prints
Prints by Women
Prints under £250

Selections from the Home Page

Martyn Lewis, Derricks at Night