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Samuel Palmer, The Poetic Impulse. A Catalogue by Elizabeth harvey-LeeAll the Etchings of
with selections
by his peers and followers

An exhibition catalogue published to accompany the selling show of prints, POETRY MADE VISIBLE, at the Court Barn Museum, Chipping Campden, 13 – 21 October 2012

In honour of the venue the catalogue concludes with a small collection of prints, 17th-20th centuries, of images of barns.

With an Introduction to Samuel Palmer’s etchings, followed by a catalogue of all his etchings (13 entirely by his hand and 4 begun by Palmer and finished by his son, Alfred Herbert Palmer).

An Introduction to the Etching Club, followed by a selection of prints by Palmer’s fellow members, Thomas Creswick R.A., Charles West Cope R.A., James Clarke Hook R.A., & William Holman Hunt.

And three examples from the later monthly publication English etchings, c1881, by William Livesay, Samuel Henry Baker R.E. & Martin Snape.

A selection of neo-romantic pastoral prints, in the Palmer tradition, from the 20th and 21st centuries, with introductions to Frederick Landseer Griggs and the Goldsmith’s School etchers and examples by Griggs, Joseph Webb, Stanley Badmin, Paul Drury, Graham Sutherland, Edward Bouverie Hoyton & Robin Tanner. With later examples in the continuing tradition by George Tute, Ron McBurnie & Kit Boyd.

84 items for sale (including a few duplicate Palmers and different states)

A5 (210 x 147 mm) ; 88 pages, with 84 illustrations, 8 in colour.

(UK price: £12, International orders: £15)

This catalogue now forms the basis of an on-line exhibition: Poetry Made Visible



Index of Artists

  • Abbé S van
  • Badmin S R
  • Baker S H
  • Bolingbroke M
  • Boyd K
  • Brown R
  • Burridge F V
  • Byrne L
  • Cope C W
  • Creswick T
  • Davis F C
  • Denyer-Baker B
  • Drury P
  • Greenwood J F
  • Griggs F L
  • Gross A
  • Hallward P M
  • Holden H H
  • Hook J C
  • Hoyton E Bouverie
  • Hunt W H
  • Janinet J F
  • Lack H M
  • Livesay W
  • McBurnie R
  • Mills A S H
  • Ostade A van
  • Palmer S
  • Parsons A Phipps H
  • Robins W P
  • Shaw N
  • Smart D I
  • Snape M
  • Sparks N
  • Strang I
  • Sutherland G
  • Tanner R
  • Tute G
  • Unwin F S
  • Webb J